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The DRINKING COMBO- Drinkar + Tipsee

The DRINKING COMBO- Drinkar + Tipsee

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Introducing The DRINKING COMBO- Drinkar + Tipsee

1.DRINKAR- Get your Glasses Ready ! Do you know what it takes to be a DrinKAR ? DESI     HARDCORE INDIAN TADKA, right ? We've got you covered dosto, presenting to you           The Best Indian Drinking Game : DrinKAR ! Get your Friends ready, pick a card and           perform the Desi Dhamaal tasks OR GET DRUNK !

2. TIPSEE - WARNING ! This Drinking Game is ONLY FOR LEGENDS !!! ( FREE 4 SHOT             GLASSES INSIDE ) Wanna get rid of boring parties ? Well, we have the PERFECT game     for you ( ONLY IF YOU ARE A LEGEND ! )  TipSee : THE DRINKING GAME ! Get now, and     Get HIGH :) 

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